Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blogging Future

With recent changes in my life I have had to put off blogging for the most part in the past couple of months. My free time has declined so a part of it has been because of that. Another has been just a general feeling of burn out with everything I have been doing. So recently I have been taking it easy and getting into mobile games mostly as I try to keep things going but for the most part failing at it. This time has allowed me to rethink about all my projects that I keep juggling and how to move forward with them.

In the end my first priority is my fiction writing. I love writing and have put this on the back burner for too long. I want to get another book out to sell as an e-book to keep making some progress in living my dream as being able to make money off my writing. Of course I really want to get two out, as I have the next book of the series I already started and published the first novella for in the rewriting stage. The other will be a new series but I want to get the first two done before putting out the first so I can get the second one out in a timely fashion.

I definitely want to keep blogging. I enjoy it too much to completely stop but I do know there is going to have to be some changes with how I am doing it. Instead of having the three blogs I have spread myself across I want to go down to a single one. I will not stop blogging about what I have been, just it will all be mixed in as a general interest blog instead of having my idol blogs being their own separate things. So all new posts I would have made on those blogs are going to be moved over here, which for now is mostly CD reviews.

This was decided as I would rather have one blog that is somewhat active compared to three blogs that are mostly inactive. I want to try to see about bringing over all the entries in the other blogs to this one. But that will be whenever I have free time so it will be a slow process. Until I have done so though I will keep the other blogs up so people can view those older posts.

For my videos, I do plan on continuing to make them. I have not had the time to work on them to get what I have already filmed up so for a while it will be working to catch up with that. If I can get one out a week I will be happy. I know there are Kobushi Factory and Country Girls PVs I need to do reactions for and I want to finish with C-ute in the near future. And then there are several unboxing videos I have of CDJapan orders from the past few months that need to go up. But again I do not want to fret too much about it as it is not as much of a priority as my writing is.

With these changes I hope to achieve the balance I have been trying to attain for some time. I started all these hobbies out of my enjoyment of doing them and I have been so grateful for those who have enjoyed what I have produced. So I hope these changes help me continue on with them at a steady pace so people can keep enjoying them without the worry of a sudden unexplained stop, like what has happened.


  1. Thank you for the notice. I know what it's like to have to juggle blogging (especially as a hobby) with other interests. (I'll be going on "spring break" starting tomorrow so I can better focus on my artistic efforts, which I consider my main thing anyway.)

    I may not comment much, but I appreciate everything you do. The heart you put into these posts are worth whatever wait we go through.

    Again, thank you.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I'm happy you like my blog. I hope I don't ever have to keep you waiting for too long moving forward from this.