Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thennary Speaks and Writes

There will be some changes with this blog starting this month. Nothing too major as it will still be where I cross post my youtube videos but I do plan on adding more written content to it.

Honestly I am feeling a bit burnt out with doing youtube videos so I do think I will cut back a bit. Not a whole lot though, I will get through all of the active Hello! Project groups eventually and I am working on getting back on track with C-ute. I am slowly getting caught up to the schedule I did make for myself but I think it will be perhaps another week or so until I am back on track and not falling behind.

Once I am done with that I will probably not bother to do something like that for any other groups/artists. I will do PV reviews for other groups eventually, but I will have to be personally interested in the group. And this is just so I can have more free time once I am caught up with the active H!P groups. I may do Buono! though as the exception, but only because I love the unit and even though it is no longer active the videos on the official channel are still up.

I think the first episode->mid-season->final review will be a format to keep for the series I am watching. I will keep that non-scheduled as I doubt I could keep one. I will aim for a series a month but will make no promises.

I do want to try to do that format for series as they air though. I plan on doing that for the U.S. shows that I watch, so there will be a review for their season premieres, the mid-season finale to cover everything up to it as well, and of course the season finale to cover everything.

That said I do want to keep doing episode by episode reviews of One Piece. I love the series and I am finding that I am paying much more attention to it as I am watching it to review this time around. The other series that will get the same treatment will be Uta no Prince-sama and if it comes back Sailor Moon Crystal. Maybe I will discover another series that I will utterly adore and add to this list but until then it will just be these three.

Everything else I do really does not have much of a schedule to it, nor do I do them often enough that they feel they are eating up much time.

I do want to do more writing and decided that I will make this blog to be more than just to host my videos somewhere those without Google+ accounts can comment. Right now all I have planned is to do some CD reviews here and there. Also a little self-promotion as I get back to writing to self-publish some of the stories that tend to cycle through my head.

So those are the planned changes to this blog. If I can balance out writing and filming I think I can keep doing what I have been and keep enjoying it. Which of means just continuing to have the motivation I need to keep at it in general.

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