Friday, July 31, 2015

Oshi (July 2015)

I figured I needed to do an update like this as the J-idol world is in constant change, especially with the female idols.


Nothing has budged Oda Sakura from the top spot of favorite current Morning Musume members. The more I see of her the more I like her still so I do not see this changing any time soon.

Goto Maki reigns supreme with OG Morning Musume still for me. I think Sakura graduating will be the only time I will have to question this.

Of course when Shimamura Uta left Country Girls I lost my favorite member. I always liked Yamaki Risa quite a bit too so she has naturally become my favorite now. I love her elegant persona and she is such a talented artist. Not to mention that I was really moved by her when she was told that she was selected to be in CG, as it was truly her final shot at a H!P debut as she was almost at the age the Kenshusei graduate and move on. But she is showing signs of being able to step up and become a true leader for the group and I am interested in what she does with that.

ANGERME is really hard for me. I think though Wada Ayaka just barely gets to be my number one girl for this group. Meimi and Mizuki are very close seconds and Sasaki Rikako is up there as well. When Ayaka graduates I think it will end up being a tie between Meimi and Mizuki.

Suzuki Airi gets to be my default favorite of C-ute simply because she is the member I know something of. Mostly because I always liked Buono! and I did watch one drama with her in it (Piece). So I know her best and do like her so gets to be my fav for now at least.

Love them all

Chu-Z. My feelings just don't waver with this. I truly love all the girls and choosing a favorite is just impossible. If any of them ever leave the group I will be heartbroken.

Don't have a favorite

There are some groups I follow that I just do not follow enough to actually have a favorite.

Little Glee Monster falls into this, but technically they are not an idol group so I do not feel bad about that at all.

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