Friday, May 16, 2014

That post that doesn't say much but seems best to have at the start.

Welcome to Thennary Speaks, the blog, where I will be hosting my youtube videos. This way I hope I can make them all easier to find and give those who may not have a youtube account the ability to comment.

I shall also use this blog as a way to keep myself and others up to date with schedules and any special going ons. If I start getting a decent amount of followers then I do hope to start doing more .

As I have been doing my videos for a while I shall be posting one a day on this blog until I have caught up and then I will post once the videos have been put up on youtube.

For anyone curious most of my videos will be about the things I love; comics, Japanese pop music, anime, games and various other geeky interests that I have.

I hope you enjoy the videos and thank you for viewing.

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