Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AKS Master Post 013

This post will mainly be just going over the upcoming NMB48 single, Bokura no Euruka, which will be coming out June 19th. The single has the usual amount of versions, three store versions and one theater version. The type A has the Shirogumi song, type B has the Akagumi, while type C has a Namba Teppoutai Sono San song.

The theater version will have the title track, the Akagumi and Shirogumi songs, and Yamamoto Sayaka's (Sayaka) second solo song, Sayanee.

NMB48 OHP (Japanese)

The senbatsu for the title song is: Ogasawara Mayu (Team N); Kotani Riho (Team N); Jonishi Kei (Team N); Ichikawa Miori (Team N); Shiroma Miru (Team N); Yamamoto Sayaka (Team N); Yoshida Akari (Team N); Watanabe Miyuki (Team N); Shimada Rena (Team M); Takano Yui (Team M); Tanigawa Airi (Team M); Yagura Fuuko (Team M); Yamada Nana (Team M); Yogi Keila (Team M); Kato Yuka (Team BII); Yabushita Shu (Team BII)

Shirogumi is: Kishino Rika (Team N); Ogasawara Mayu (Team N); Kinoshita Haruna (Team N); Yamaguchi Yuki (Team N); Kadowaki Kanako (Team N); Yamamoto Sayaka (Team N); Azuma Yuki (Team M); Yamagishi Natsumi (Team M); Yamada Nana (Team M); Murakami Ayaka (Team M); Kusaka Konomi (Team BII); Kamieda Emika (Team BII)

Akagumi is: Ichikawa Miori (Team N); Koga Narumi (Team N); Kondo Rina (Team N); Watanabe Miyuki (Team N); Mita Mao (Team M); Okita Ayaka  (Team M); Kawakami Rena  (Team M); Yagura Fuuko (Team M); Kinoshita Momoka (Team M); Kurokawa Hazuki (Team BII); Muro Kanako (Team BII); Kobayashi Rikako (Team BII)

And Namba Teppoutai Sono San is: Shiroma Miru (Team N); Nishimura Aika (Team N); Murase Sae (Team M); Yogi Keila (Team M); Akazawa Hono (Team BII); Ota Yuuri (Team BII); Shibuya Nagisa (Kenkyuusei); Yamao Rina (Kenkyuusei)

Looking at the lists it does look like they are trying to promote Team M more than they have been, though it helps that Yamada Nana (Nana) is now Team M.

I already am favoring the Shirogumi for this single as it has Yamaguchi Yuki (Yuppi). It also helps that it is the group with Sayaka and Nana as well. If it was not for the theater version having a Sayaka solo I would have easily decided to have gotten the type A but instead I will be getting the theater edition of the CD. But I will make sure to buy the PV of the Shirogumi song off of the Japanese iTunes for those three.

The Namba Teppoutai Sono San of course is just a continuation of the unit from the past two singles. With Yogi Keila (Keila) and Shiroma Miru (Mirurun) in the senbatsu for this single I have the feeling that they are next to leave this grouping with the next single. And I would love to see that as I like them both and want to see them do more.

The full version of the PV is out already as well as a look at the bikini version. What interests me the most is that the full PV ends with a "to be continued", so I am wondering if the next single is already planned to at least have its PV linked to this one. I hope so, as I am a sucker for that kind of thing when it comes to PVs and the story line is one of the strongest things for it as the song is just so bland.

And Nana is indeed back to her position as the group's number three after Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki (Milky). Ichikawa Miori (Miorin), the AKB48 concurrent member, was placed with the second tier girls instead of getting placed up with the top three like Yokoyama Yui was, which seems to have been more a reflection of general popularity of the two then to simple use NMB48 as a vehicle to promote them more.

I would like to note that I do appreciate the fact that for the bikini version of the PV the youngest girls in the senbatsu, Keila (13) and Yabushita Shu (14) are not in bikinis. I feel I should at least give some props to AKS for at least keeping with giving the younger girls more to cover themselves up with for these kinds of PVs. Especially when they have plenty of older girls that do not mind being in the skimpier outfits.

And I think I have rambled on long enough for this for now.

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