Tuesday, January 15, 2013

AKS Master Post 008

Been a while since I did one of these so it is about time for one of these.

Crunchyroll has announced that they will be streaming the second season of AKB0048, the anime series based off of the idol group.

No word if they will also be putting up the first season of the anime series as well.

Anime News Network (English)

I have watched the first season of this, which I enjoyed for what it was. I am rather happy with the idea I have a legal way to watch this now and I hope that they get the rights for the first season as well at some point.


NMB48 has a title for their upcoming album, Teppen Tottande! We also have some information about what to expect on the different versions.

Type N: NMB48 Kinki Concert Tour ~Mina-san, Chapuchapu Shimasho, 2012/08/21 Osaka Prefecture, Orix Theater footage
Type M: Osaka Juuban Shoubu Tour, (more than 60mins footage)
Type B: HA! Full PV

Confirmed songs for the track list (all types):
Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo 
Oh My God! 
Junjou U-19 
Kitagawa Kenji
Seishun no Lap Time 
HA! (NMB48 Ver.) 
Boku wa Matteiru

There is also to be seven new songs. Two of those songs are going to be exclusive to Type M and B versions, with one each being on a version and having a PV to go with them.

I now do not which version I want to get. The DVD extras for Type N and M look so worth it being concert footage. I think I will have to wait and see what the original songs are, like if there are any solos, duets, or smaller groupings with girls I am a fan of in them.

I do love that we will be getting NMB48 on a CD finally. I have loved the song since first hearing it performed and have been hoping for a CD release for it since. And I like that HA! will be on the album as well, as I really do not want to get Eien Pressure just for the one song and now I do not have to.

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