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AKS Master Post 001

Okay, I figure since I don't follow the non-Johnny's idols as much I would instead of doing the usual update posts I do for Johnny's I would just wait until I have a few different bits of news for the groups and do a master post for them. If anything this will make skipping non-Johnny's posts a bit easier for the Johnny's only fans and it will make things easier for me.

I will start off with rounding up the latest news for the AKS group I do bother to actually follow, NMB48. They have already announced their next single that will be released on November 7th. Like usual for their single announcements there is no other information about the single out.

Ameblo article. (Japanese)

NMB48 will also be releasing a DVD of Team N's second stage, Seishun Girls. The DVD will be released on September 25th and is already up for pre-order.

They also will have their first photo book released on September 16th, title Kyun to Doki. It will feature NMB48 members; Mayu Ogasawara, Haruna Kinoshita, Riho Kotani, Rina Kondo, Kei Jonishi, Miru Shiroma, Aina Fukumoto, Yuki Yamaguchi, Nana Yamada, Sayaka Yamamoto, Akari Yoshida, Miyuki Watanabe, Eriko Jo, Airi Tanigawa, Ayame Hikawa, Ayaka Murakami, Sae Murase, Fuko Yagura, Keira Yogi, and Shu Yabushita.

And now for the massive news that is currently shaking up the AKS fandom is that AKB48 is having a member shuffle. What this means is that the group has been returned to be only three teams, A, K & B, with Team 4 now disbanded but the sixteen member limit of the teams has been changed. No word if there is a new limit of members for a team but two of the current teams are now 23 members big and the other has 22.

Here is the full list of the changes (taken from the aramatheydidnt post):

→AKB General Manager: Takahashi Minami

→Team A:
Captain: Shinoda Mariko
Takahashi Minami (ex Captain of Team A)
Kasai Tomomi (ex Team B)
Sato Sumire (ex Team B)
Sato Natsuki (ex Team B)
Watanabe Mayu (ex Team B)
Kikuchi Ayaka (ex Team K)
Nito Moeno (ex Team K)
Nakatsuka Tomomi (ex Team K)
Matsui Sakiko (ex Team K)
Yokoyama Yui (ex Team K) [Also a member of NMB48]
Iriyama Anna (ex Team 4)
Iwata Karen (ex Team 4)
Kawaei Rina (ex Team 4)
Nakamata Shiori (ex Team 4)
Takahashi Juri (ex Team 4)
Tano Yuka (ex Team 4)
Izuta Rina (Formerly w/o team)
Kobayashi Marina (Formerly w/o team)
Morikawa Ayaka (Formerly w/o team)
Oshima Ryouka (Promoted)
Kotani Riho [Also a member of NMB48]

 →Team K:
Captain: Oshima Yuko
Akimoto Sayaka (ex Captain of Team K)
Itano Tomomi (No change)
Uchida Mayumi (No change)
Matsui Jurina (No change) [Also a member of SKE48]
Kuramochi Asuka (ex Team A)
Maeda Ami (ex Team A)
Matsubara Natsumi (ex Team A)
Nakata Chisato (ex Team A)
Nakaya Sayaka (ex Team A)
Chikano Rina (ex Team B)
Kitahara Rie (ex Team B) [Also a member of SKE48]
Kobayashi Kana (ex Team B)
Masuda Yuka (ex Team B)
Miyazaki Miho (ex Team B)
Sato Amina (ex Team B)
Suzuki Shihori (ex Team B)
Abe Maria (ex Team 4)
Nagao Mariya (ex Team 4)
Shimada Haruka (ex Team 4)
Fujita Nana (Formerly w/o team)
Mitsumune Kaoru (Promoted)
Muto Tomu (Promoted) 

→Team B:
Captain: Umeda Ayaka (ex Team K)
Kashiwagi Yuki (ex Captain of Team B)
Ishida Haruka (No change)
Komori Mika (No change)
Oya Shizuka (No change)
Watanabe Miyuki (No change) [Also a member of NMB48]
Iwasa Misaki (ex Team A)
Katayama Haruka (ex Team A)
Kojima Haruna (ex Team A)
Fujie Reina (ex Team K)
Minegishi Minami (ex Team K)
Nonaka Misato (ex Team K)
Tanabe Miku (ex Team K)
Ichikawa Miori (ex Team 4)
Kato Rena (ex Team 4)
Nakamura Mariko (ex Team 4)
Oba Mina (ex Captain of Team 4)
Shimazaki Haruka (ex Team 4)
Takeuchi Miyu (ex Team 4)
Yamauchi Suzuran (ex Team 4)
Kojima Natsuki (Formerly w/o team)
Natori Wakana (Formerly w/o team)
Ishida Anna [Also a member of SKE48]

 →SKE48: Kitahara Rie [Also a member of AKB48]

 →NMB48: Yokoyama Yui [Also a member of AKB48]

 →HKT48: Ota Aika (ex Team A)

 →SNH48: Miyazawa Sae (ex Team K) & Suzuki Mariya (ex Team B)
 →JKT48: Takajo Aki (ex Team A) & Nakagawa Haruka (ex Team A)

Of course not really being an AKB48 fan I do not feel too affected by the changes outside of the two NMB48 members now in the group and an AKB48 member joining NMB48. As well as the two AKB48 members that I do like, Akimoto Sayaka and Mitsumune Kaoru.

For Sayaka a part of me is not surprised at her losing the position of captain for Team K. Not because of anything she has done as she seems to be very good at the position but I feel like her time with the group should be coming to an end as I feel she could do just as well as a solo talent than being a part of this group. Especially as she seems to be rather neglected with the group and I just think it is time for her to move on. So I would not be surprised if being removed from that position is in preparation for a graduation later on in the near future.

I am really happy that Kaoru has finally been promoted out of KKS status and is a part of one of the teams. Team K is a good fit as it is the group known to have a more mature image which I think she fits well with. Hopefully this will just be the start for her and she continues to get solid drama roles as I think being a part of AKB48 will do her well to get her acting career established. Not to mention she is a part of the younger generations of girls that will have to step up and get noticed to keep the group popular.

And now onto thoughts about the NMB48 changes. Since Watanabe Miyuki actually has not had a change in her membership with either group there is not much to say about it. Kotani Riho being given the same kind of dual membership as her though is a bit surprising. Milky has always been a popular member of NMB48 while Ripopo has been mainly middle-tier. In fact her sub-unit Namaba Teppoutai was all about the fact that the girls in it were not the most well known but were trying to reach the level of the five members that placed in the general elections. But I guess management believes she is worth pushing and so will be bound to get some strong pushes now that she is also a member of Team A.

Since I do not really follow AKB48 I am not too familiar with Yokoyama Yui. I looked up her profile and it says she is from Kyoto so it does make sense for her to be placed with the Kansai group as it is in the same region.

I actually do not mind her being placed with NMB48 as one of the biggest issues I have had with NMB48 recently is the fact that they do stray from promoting the same girls all the time. With having an AKB member in the group than that will at least break that up a bit, in fact I am certain Yui will probably end up near the center position of the line up for the single they recently announced. And if Yui ends up in Team BII then it could help break the near monopoly of Team N when it comes to interest and attention. So I do see this as a positive thing for now at least.

Because I am not an AKB48 fan I do not think I can join in the fanwankage over this and actually look forward to what there changes are going to bring. Of course if this is the news AKS brings out for the first of the three days of the Tokyo Dome concerts I do not even want to guess what the next two days are going to bring.

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