Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Life: A small update.

Between my new job and moving to another part of the house I really have not had the time I wanted to do any kind of proper updates on this blog and various other social media accounts I have. Instead I just keep building a backlog and worry if I waited too long to make a post about those things at this point. But on the other hand I really do not want to give up either.

In any case I do enjoy working at my new job and will be glad to have a nice steady income once more. A disposable income has been missed though having the money to cover what I need and have something left over to save at the same time is fantastic. Also I am hoping that I can use the experience I am getting from my current job to find work back in Washington State, as I still miss living there terribly.

And the move is something I have needed to do for a while as I now have room for more than bedroom furniture. It also gives me a good idea of how much room I will need when I move into an apartment, which is a goal of mine for this year.

I just need to figure out how to fit writing into all of this as I miss doing it. I am probably going to have to change up some of the things I am doing for my blogs so I can schedule posts once more and keep it from looking so dead. But that will probably have to wait until I finish moving all my stuff. I honestly did not realize I had so much until now. At least I am reaching the point where I feel like I have more of my things in the new area and out of my old room.


  1. We'll all be here waiting to read and/or watch whenever you get to where you need to be. Don't stress too much!

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes, and hopes for many, many more to come!

    1. Thank you. I do feel like I am starting to get things in place again but I am making not to rush things so I don't end up just burning out again. I appreciate the support and understanding.