Tuesday, February 14, 2017

NEWS' Neverland

NEWS will be coming out with a new album on March 22nd. It is titled Neverland and will come in two versions, a limited edition and a regular edition.

The limited edition comes with a DVD with a video titled NEVERLAND Episode.0 on it as well as a making of video.

The regular edition comes with the solo songs for the members of the group in addition to the songs included on both editions.

CDJapan has a bundle of both versions that you can pre-order to make sure you get the first press bonus that comes with each version.

Honestly since their latest single was just released I was not expecting anything from NEWS for a while. So right now I cannot afford to pre-order it but I hope I can soon, as I will never say "no" to new NEWS releases. And I am excited to have another album from the group to add to my collection.

I can only assume the video for the limited edition will be like for the past album, White, and be a short movie. So it should be just as fun and cheesy, especially if the guys are helping make it like the with Mr. White.

And I love that we are getting the solo songs for the members with each album. Especially with them being on the regular edition, so there is no worry about the version selling out and not being able to get them.

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