Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two bright smiles have left H!P

In the past couple of days Hello!Project has seen two members from different groups graduate. First off was Tamura Meimi from ANGERME on May 30th then the next day Morning Musume had their farewell to 9th generation member Suzuki Kanon. Both had good long runs in their respective groups so it is not easy to say good-bye even though there has been time to prepare for their departures.

Honestly Meimi leaving ANGERME hits me harder as she was quickly becoming a favorite of mine as I got to know the group more. She was such a bright shining light in the group and a stand out vocalist. I wanted more time with her in the group and will miss looking for her when I see anything new for ANGERME.

Of course she is staying in show business as she switches to focus on a career in musicals so at least it will not be too hard to keep up to date with her. And I am certain she will continue to shine on stage.

And while I was more of a casual fan of Zukki there is plenty I admire about her. But I cannot help but think changing careers is a good idea for her as it seemed like too many were hung up about her weight to bother to get to know what a wonderful person she is. Of course for those that did get to know her she was easy to like and I am not surprised at how many loved her.

It is still sad to see her leave as it feels like so much wasted potential with her as she never really got the chance to shine in the group as she could have. At least she was given a high note to end her time with Momusu on.

I will miss both girls in their groups but I do hope both find happiness in the new paths they have set for themselves. And I hope that there will not be any more graduation announcements in the near future from their respective groups.

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  1. I'm sad to see them go, but happy that they each have new goals to reach for. I really hope they find satisfaction in what they've chosen.