Thursday, October 29, 2015

Initial thoughts on Riho's graduation

I am certain most Morning Musume fans have heard the news that Sayashi Riho has announced her graduation. She will graduate on December 31st at the Hello! Project countdown concert. She palns to go overseas to study and improve her English as well as her dancing. She is staying on with H!P in hopes of returning to performing once she is done with that.

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I came in as a Morning Musume fan when the group was MM '14 and after Michishige Sayumi had already announced her graduation. So for me Morning Musume '15 felt like it was my Morning Musume. The version of the group that I have been able to follow in real time and be there to see the girls grow. Which is why I think this graduation announcement is hitting me hard. That group I see as mine is losing a piece of it and it was not something I felt prepared for at all.

That said I feel certain there will be one more single for the year that will be her graduation single and I look forward to that whatever it may be. And of course to see what happens with her career when she returns. She is one of the members that I can see doing well enough going solo because of her large fanbase and that she is a strong all around performer. So I look forward to seeing how she improves herself if she gets to take that route.

So while there is a sadness at the idea of MM without her in it at least she is not going far and is leaving on her terms. So I will be wishing the best for her and be ready to cry a lot watching her graduation.

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