Sunday, April 7, 2013

AKS Master Post 010

No, I have not quit doing these. Like I have mentioned before I do not follow non-Johnny's as much so there are times I will let my interest slip for the other groups or my interest with Johnny's eclipse my other interests. I have at least one more of these planned for AKS but this one I really only want to dedicate to one piece of recent news.

Akimoto Sayaka has announced that she plans of graduating from the group and thus has decided not to run in the upcoming general election. (aramatheydidnt)

Honestly I have been falling out of interest in AKB48 for a while and the only thing that had been keeping me in was Sayaka. She is the only girl that has not only gained but retained my interest over time. I admire her for being assertive and not willing to just take badmouthing from "fans" as well as being someone in AKB48 that took on a mentoring role to help other members out.

I am not surprised though that she has finally decided to graduate from the group. She was another member of the group that was not getting much out of being in the group, especially when they gave her position of team captain to someone else. But she has been a member that has gotten a good amount of solo work and she is aiming to continue her goal in becoming an actress so I feel that she will do fine post-graduation. If anything her time in the group has helped her make connections that should help her continue to get work, especially since she is not leaving because of a scandal.

I look forward to seeing what Sayaka's future will bring and hope to see her in future dramas I will want to watch.

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