Monday, June 25, 2012

Get ready for Janken!

The date for the annual AKB48 Janken tournament has been announced for September 18th, taking place at Nippon Budokan. All team members of AKB48 will be in the tournament for that date while the AKB48 KKS, and the 48 sister groups will have preliminary rounds to send a select amount of their members to participate. The break down for those groups are 8 from SKE48, 6 from NMB48 and 3 from HKT48 and 1 KKS from AKB48.

This tournament is one of the big events of the year for AKS as unlike the senbatsu election that lets the fans decide which girls are the most popular and get to be in the senbatsu group for a single the janken (rock-paper-scissors game) leaves it all to chance. Each girl gets a single chance against another and moves on in the tournament until the one lucky enough to have beaten all her opponents in the tournament gets to be the center girl for the next AKB48 single. This way girls that may be unknown or never in the front get a chance to do just that. And unlike the senbatsu election the results are unpredictable.

IIRC, last year NMB48 was only able to send five members so it is nice that they get to send one extra this year. Especially since they managed to get two members into the janken senbatsu last year. And they will be having their own janken tournament for their group to decide who those six are on June 30th. So it will not be a long wait to know which NMB48 girls will be participating in the tournament. I hope girls that do not normally get pushed get in like last year as well.

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