Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thennary Speaks Channel Update 31 MAY 2015

I go over some updates I have done with my channel and plan on doing.

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  1. I hope this does loosen up some time for you. The videos are great, but not at the risk of you losing all interest in doing them because of burnout. Besides, I think doing little clusters of episodes is a great idea; it offers a nice safety net if a particular episode of something was lacking in much character/story progression. (I'm also fully in favor of any forms of binge-watching and reading, so no matter the reasoning behind it I would probably give two big thumbs up just in making time for those two things.)

    (This may have been mentioned already, in which case I apologize):
    -- On the topic of °C-ute, I wanted to let you know that the videos likely to be considered PVs for their fourth indie single, "Wakkyanai (Z)", are - like S/mileANGERME - not included in the playlist, though they are uploaded to the official youtube channel.

    Neither was released on the single, but one of them was included in their first music video compilation DVD ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZyc1EIjM8w ). The other version is easily found on the channel as well. - I thought I should mention it in case you wondered why there was no video, or you did want to include one of them.